What’s New on Hub Rewards

Hey PDG patients, you might have already noticed some things are looking a bit different on your patient rewards platform. Hub Rewards has improved to make your experience easier and more pleasant.
Here is what changed:
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  • Point System
    We have simplified the points each patient gets for each appointment, making it easier and more consistent.
  • Registering a New Account
    Parents and patients are now able to register their own accounts.
  • Setting Up a Linked Family
    Parents/guardians are now able to have their own account where they can link all their children’s accounts and manage it all from there.
  • Recovering a Password
    You no longer need to contact us to recover your information. The account will be linked to the e-mail you’ve provided and you can now recover your password faster just by clicking on “forgot my password”.
  • Logging in with a Facebook or Google Account
    Don’t want to enter an email and password? Now you can log in with your Facebook or Google account with just one click.
  • Order Status
    If you have not received your prize within 14-30 business days of placing your order, please reach out to us at contactus@pdgdental.com and let us know the following information so that we can check the status of your order: Recipient’s first and last name, Ship-to address, Recipient’s email address. Once we have this information, we will be able to find your order and let you know its status.

Disclaimer: PDG patients orders are not fulfilled by Hub Rewards (Practice Genius) company. Thus, some information about delivery time, process, points category may differ from what they have available on their website.
For more information please connect with us through e-mail: contactus@pdgdental.com

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