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We help our patients be proactive about maintaining healthy teeth. But sometimes, even the most diligent dental hygiene might not protect your child from cracking a tooth on a kernel of popcorn at the movies.

View our “before” and “after” dental treatment photos below to see how we’ve helped many of our patients overcome cavities, advanced tooth decay, fractured teeth or other issues. We restore your young one’s teeth so they can smile with confidence again!

Brushing your infant’s teeth

Your infant or young child’s teeth may be brushed by supporting the head on your arm or on a flat surface.

1111-baby-brushing-11 1112-brushingInfant-changeTable-41 1113-child-brushing1 1114-brushingToddler-chinSupport-11

How cavities form

Histological slides of how cavities form and advance in grooves on the biting surfaces of teeth. Cavities in the grooves are much larger than what is seen on the surface. A huge cavity may be hidden underneath a small surface one.

1115-FissureCaries-Early1 1116-FissureCaries-moderate1 1117-37-270812-intactSurface-Preop1 1118-37-270812-deepDefect1

Deep Grooves

Deep grooves on the teeth may be protected from developing cavities by placing sealants on them. Sealants are white filling materials that flow into the grooves.

1119-Tooth_pits_fissures1 11110-sealant-21 11111-Premolars-before-sealant1 11112-SealantAfter1

Cavities on front baby teeth

Cavities on front baby teeth may progress rapidly when left untreated. The speed of advancement is even faster for the back teeth.

11113-NoCaries-ECC-maxAnt1 11114-SevereCaries-ECC-maxAnt1 11115-AdvancedCaries-ECC-maxAnt1 11116-83723-Mnd-immedPreTx-3005081

Composite crowns

Composite crowns may be used to fix front baby teeth before they cause infections and discomfort for children. Here you could see before treatment and immediately after composite crowns are placed.

11117-MaxArch-S-ECC-21 11118-UpperAntPA-preop1 11119-CCimmedPreop1 11120-CCimmedPostop1


Radiographs demonstrating presence of cavities between the teeth: early stages to advanced stages with infection of lower left tooth.

11121-BitewingRadiograph-CavitiesBetweenTeeth2 11122-BitewingRadiograph-CavitiesBetweenTeeth2 11123-RBW-preop2 11124-LBW-preop2

Cavities between teeth

Cavities between the teeth may be fixed by using silver fillings.

11128-85MOB-84DO-alloy-11 11125-54-55-120900-A111126-84DO-85MOB-46OB-AgCR-FS-3111127-55MOL-54DO-alloy-11

White fillings

Cavities may be fixed by using white fillings.

11129-BitingSurfaceCavity1 11130-CavityRestoredWithWhiteFilling1 11131-37-270812-deepDefect1 11132-37-270812-composite1

Large cavities on the back teeth

Large cavities on the back teeth, which are structurally compromised, may be restored with stainless steel crowns. Defective teeth may be restored with stainless steel crowns as interim restorations.

11133-ExtensivelyDamagedTeeth1 11134-RestoredWithStainlessSteelCrowns1 11135-HypoplasticToothWithDeepCaries1 11136-HypoplasticToothRestoredWithSSC1

Premature tooth loss

When a baby tooth is lost prematurely the space may need to be maintained for the permanent tooth. Here are some examples of space maintainers: Band and loop, Lingual Arch, Upper Nance, and Distal Shoe

Premature Tooth Loss1 Premature Tooth Loss2 Premature Tooth Loss3 Premature Tooth Loss4

Excessive openbite and constriction of the upper jaw

Habits such as thumb-sucking, excessive use of soothers, tongue thrust, and mouth-breathing may lead to excessive openbite and constriction of the upper jaw, requiring orthodontic intervention.

Excessive Overbite1 Excessive Overbite2 Excessive Overbite3 Excessive Overbite4


Spaces between teeth are generally due to small teeth for the size of the jaw. These spaces may be closed by bonding or veneers in order to improve esthetics of smile.

Spaces1 Spaces2 Spaces3 Spaces4


Trauma to primary or permanent teeth may result in fractures. These fractures may be restored by using white fillings that are bonded to tooth structure.

Fractures1 Fractures2 Fractures3 Fractures4

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