Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics in Vancouver


Suite 200, 650 West 41st Avenue. 

Vancouver, BC V5Z 2M9


8:00am – 5:00pm

Parking and Access

While parking at Oakridge Centre Mall remains FREE, please note that due to construction activities in and around the mall, parkade and transit access has changed and several entrances to the shopping centre have been closed.

Check back to Oakridge Centre website frequently by clicking here for updated parking information and access maps. For more information please visit

On a survey PDG completed by our patients, it was found that free parking was extremely important to them. When choosing our Facilities, we made that one of our number one preferences – places without pay parking.

With that said, these locations are sharing amongst others which means there is no guarantee upon arrival which means you should prepare by arriving ten to fifteen minutes prior to appointment time to ensure a parking spot.

Get Your Dream Smile from the Best Orthodontist in Vancouver Today

At PDG Dental we specialize in transforming smiles and providing people in Vancouver with the leading pediatric dental and orthodontic experience. We are renowned as the best choice for people looking for orthodontics in Vancouver as we have over 100 years of experience combined. Our dentists and orthodontists are highly trained professionals who will look at your individual case and provide you with relevant services.

Whether you want to get a new set of braces in Vancouver or if you want to experience Invisalign in Vancouver, we have got you covered. We have certified orthodontists in Vancouver who can deal with any dental problem and ensure you practice good dental hygiene. One of the main reasons why we are the first choice for so many people in Vancouver is because we care for our clients.  

Get Braces in Vancouver

There are several reasons why you could be a good candidate to get braces in Vancouver. Your crooked or misaligned teeth can get the help they need through effective and strong braces. It doesn’t matter how bad your dental condition is as we will run tests on you and ensure that you get the best dental treatment as well. Most children are afraid of getting braces as they think they will hurt and that others will make fun of them.

We can guide children by informing them about the basics of braces and ensuring they don’t have any fear of braces. Our certified specialists have experience in dealing with children who require braces and will answer all your questions. We are considered one of the best orthodontics in Vancouver and can guarantee superior results no matter what your dental problem.

Specialist Invisalign in Vancouver

Most people still don’t know about Invisalign in Vancouver and the difference it can make when it comes to transforming their smile. At PDG Dental we guarantee superior results with our Invisalign treatments and our certified orthodontist in Vancouver will ensure you have nothing to worry about. When you leave us you will be going home with a smile you can be proud of and the confidence of knowing that you have supreme dental health.

That is one of the main reasons why we are regarded as the best orthodontists in Vancouver and why we have a long line of satisfied clients. We are a dental practice that cares for their clients and we provide dental care that exceeds the expectations of our clients. Come in for a free checkup any day.

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