Outreach Program

Our goal is to provide access to specialized care for all children, regardless of where they may live. 

Dentist teaching a little girl how to brush her teeth

Timely Specialized Care

PDG Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics provides expedited specialized dental care to help children get the care they deserve. At PDG, we realize that timely pediatric dental care outside of the Lower Mainland may be compromised due to the extent of dental disease, lack of safe general anesthetic facilities, and difficulties associated with multiple trips for consultation, treatment, and post-treatment care.

Improved Access

We believe all children deserve to get the same treatment necessary to make them happy and healthy regardless of geographical location or distance from such specialized facilities.

Safety and Convenience

From the comfort of your home, you will consult with the dentists at PDG via Teledentistry, at which time you may be presented with treatment options. PDG makes the process of providing state-of-the-art dental care for your child safe and convenient with minimal travel and time commitments.

Whether at the Cambie Surgical Centre or Anesthesia for Dentistry GA facilities, PDG provides child-friendly dental care, private recovery rooms, and a calm and friendly atmosphere. These centers are some of the largest and most technologically advanced facilities in Canada and have been providing GA treatment for thousands of children over the years.

You may qualify for government-funded travel assistance (TAP). We are happy to walk you through the process to allow for an easier experience.

We have partnered with various hotels within walking distance of our facilities offering special medical rates to our clients.

Don’t hesitate, contact PDG and give your patients the care they deserve.


604-PDG-1000 or PDGoutreach@PDGdental.com


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We are proud to offer professional and attentive dental services to children in a friendly environment.

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