Sponsorship Program

At PDG Pediatric Dental Group, we are committed to supporting our community through donations and sponsorships. As our support has grown, we have made changes to our donation and sponsorship process to ensure we can continue to give back effectively.

New Process for Donations and Sponsorships request

We are excited to announce our new process for donations and sponsorships. We will accept requests during specific submission periods, which are as follows:

    • Submissions from September to November (Currently Closed). The applications will be reviewed and processed in December 2023.
    • Submissions from January to March, 2024. The applications will be reviewed and processed in April 2024.

For example, if your child’s sports team wants to request a sponsorship for their tournament that starts in October, you should submit your request by the end of July.

We accept requests for toothbrush donations, prizes for auctions, sponsorships for kids’ sports teams and others during these periods. However, we do have limits on the number of sponsorships and donations we can provide. To continue supporting our community while managing our resources effectively, we have made changes in response to increased requests.

To receive a timely response, we encourage you to submit your request by the end of the submission period. You can send us a request letter or fill out the form in the sections below.

Giving Back To Our Community

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Submitting your application

Send us a letter

To submit your application, please send us a sponsorship or donation request letter. You can upload it below.

Submitting Your Application

Fill out the request form

If you don’t have a Donation or Sponsorship request letter, please fill out the request form by clicking on the button below and we’ll get in touch with you!

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