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Our goal at PDG is to help you achieve the healthy and beautiful smile you have always dreamed while experiencing the utmost in GENTLE Orthodontic care in the lower mainland.

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Whether it be early orthodontic treatment, traditional braces, or Invisalign for children, teens and adults, we have you covered!


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Orthodontic treatment?

Your smile is the first thing people see and notice about you. A beautiful, healthy smile is engaging and welcoming. Not only are all aligned teeth attractive, but they also provide many health benefits as well. They are easier to clean and maintain and will allow you to chew and speak without difficulty or added stress on the supporting gums and tissue. Poorly aligned teeth and jaws can lead to increased cavities, gum disease, excess tooth wear and other dental issues that may require treatment later in life.

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Orthodontic treatment can vary in cost depending on the need of each patient. There is an early interceptive treatment for young children that are requested to be done while the young patient is growing. In most cases, full treatment is done once all the permanent teeth are present in the mouth.

We recommend our patients be seen as early as 7 years so the orthodontist can monitor the changes that occur in the mouth and recommend treatment as needed.

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