Early Treatment Gallery – Before and After

We may not all start out with perfectly aligned teeth, but the doctors at Pediatric Dental Group know how to turn overbites, underbites, and openbites into healthy smiles.

View our “before” and “after” dental treatment photos below to see how we’ve helped many of our patients overcome cavities, advanced tooth decay, fractured teeth or other issues. We restore your young one’s teeth so they can smile with confidence again! See Full Treatment Cases for more.

Early Treatment Cases

Posterior Crossbite

A fixed upper expander was used to widen the upper jaw to create space for the upper front teeth to grow and also to correct the shift of the lower jaw to the side.

Posterior Crossbite1 Posterior Crossbite2 Posterior Crossbite3 Posterior Crossbite4

Posterior Crossbite5 Posterior Crossbite6 Posterior Crossbite7 Posterior Crossbite8

Anterior Crossbite

A removable upper retainer with springs and an expander was used to widen the upper jaw to create space for the upper front teeth to move forward and centre.

Anterior Crossbite1 Anterior Crossbite2 Anterior Crossbite3 Anterior Crossbite4

Anterior Crossbite5 Anterior Crossbite6 Anterior Crossbite7 Anterior Crossbite8

Protruded Upper Front Teeth

Upper front braces and headgear were used to move the upper front teeth backwards and align them.

Protruted Upper Front Teeth1 Protruted Upper Front Teeth2 Protruted Upper Front Teeth3 Protruted Upper Front Teeth4

Protruted Upper Front Teeth5 Protruted Upper Front Teeth6 Protruted Upper Front Teeth7 Protruted Upper Front Teeth8

Anterior Open Bite

A crib appliance was used to stop a thumb habit that was causing an anterior open bite.

Anterior Open Bite1 Anterior Open Bite2 Anterior Open Bite3 Anterior Open Bite4

Anterior Open Bite5 Anterior Open Bite6 Anterior Open Bite7 Anterior Open Bite8

Moderate Crowding

A lower space maintainer was cemented and kept in place to preserve the space when the last baby teeth fall out.

Moderate Crowding1 Moderate Crowding2

Severe Crowding

A case showing the placement of an upper space maintainer and the extraction of four adult teeth and subsequent eruption of the remaining adult teeth fills in the majority of the space. Upper and lower braces are used to close the remaining space.

Severe Crowding1 Severe Crowding2 Severe Crowding3 Severe Crowding4

Severe Crowding5 Severe Crowding6 Severe Crowding7 Severe Crowding8