Full Treatment Gallery – Before and After

We may not all start out with perfectly aligned teeth, but the doctors at Pediatric Dental Group know how to turn overbites, underbites and openbites into healthy smiles.

View our “before” and “after” orthodontic treatment photos below to see how we’ve helped many of our young patients enter adulthood with confidence in their appearance. All cases are treated by the orthodontists at PDG. See Early Treatment Cases for more.

Full Treatment Cases


A case treated by the extraction of four teeth and then full upper and lower braces with elastics.

Crowding-01b-Before Crowding-01c-Before Crowding-01d-Before Crowding-01e-Before

Crowding-02b-After Crowding-02c-After Crowding-02d-After Crowding-02e-After

Misplaced Teeth

A case treated with upper and lower braces and elastics.

Misplaced-Teeth-01b-Before Misplaced-Teeth-01c-Before Misplaced-Teeth-01d-Before Misplaced-Teeth-01e-Before

Misplaced-Teeth-02b-After Misplaced-Teeth-02c-After Misplaced-Teeth-02d-After Misplaced-Teeth-02e-After


A case treated with full upper and lower braces with elastics.

Spacing-01a-Before Spacing-01c-Before Spacing-01d-Before Spacing-01e-Before

Spacing-02a-After Spacing-02c-After Spacing-02d-After Spacing-02e-After

Overbite and Overjet

A case treated with two phases of treatment. The initial phase used a twin block appliance to move the lower teeth forward. Subsequently, four teeth were extracted and full braces, headgear, and elastics were used.

Overbite-and-Overjet-01b-Before Overbite-and-Overjet-01c-Before Overbite-and-Overjet-01d-Before Overbite-and-Overjet-01e-Before

Overbite-and-Overjet-02b-After Overbite-and-Overjet-02c-After Overbite-and-Overjet-02d-After Overbite-and-Overjet-02e-After

Negative Overjet and Crossbite

A case treated with upper and lower braces as well as upper and lower jaw surgery.

Crossbite-and-Negative-Overjet-01b-Before Crossbite-and-Negative-Overjet-01c-Before Crossbite-and-Negative-Overjet-01d-Before Crossbite-and-Negative-Overjet-01e-Before

Crossbite-and-Negative-Overjet-02b-After Crossbite-and-Negative-Overjet-02c-After Crossbite-and-Negative-Overjet-02d-After Crossbite-and-Negative-Overjet-02e-After


A case treated with full braces, elastics, and temporary anchorage devices.

Openbite-01b-Before Openbite-01c-Before Openbite-01d-Before Openbite-01e-Before

Openbite-02b-After Openbite-02c-After Openbite-02d-After Openbite-02e-After

Mild Crowding

A case treated with Invisalign aligners.

Invisalign-01b-Before Invisalign-01c-Before Invisalign-01d-Before Invisalign-01e-Before

Invisalign-02b-After Invisalign-02c-After Invisalign-02d-After Invisalign-02e-After